Protocols Of First Contact

pexer: hi bro. just wanna make friends. is it okay?

Instincts tell that I should refrain from entertaining such kind of proposals. Not because I don't intend to make friends, but because the approach is inappropriate. The intention seems dubious since the first thing I would ask is how did he know me? 

What piqued his interest?

If I were to make friends, say for example in Pinoyexchange, I'd engage the person on the thread first; try to earn his trust and goodwill by learning about his interests. I'd get to know how he thinks without appearing a stalker, so that when I extend the hand of friendship, there are reasons to sustain the bond. Even when our ties thrive online.  

This was how I engaged people in the past, and for the effort, I think I was sincere enough to be trusted. After all, I've always been a tough nut to crack. Seldom do I let people into my life, and when I do, never do I let go.

But in the case of the person above. I had to suppress my instincts and not let impression judge his worth. Consider it a random act of kindness. His intentions might be genuine.

me: sure. (insert smiley face here)

Soon after sending my reply, I did some background check on the same online forum. Just to prove my instincts wrong. So it won't tell me "I told you Mugs" after I've measured his worth. The stalking I did, if you want to call it, was meant to prepare myself should he decide to reply and uphold our "treaty" of friendship. But it appears I am mistaken. Some people are too broken, (their value of themselves - online - has become too low) that its better to leave them in peace.

"masarap naman ang uncut gaya ko. haha"

"anyone up for some lingam massage? part time ko. affordable and erotic. just pm me."

"pm niyo ako. looking for anything possible."

"cnu puwede maging tropa... yung makakasama lumabas... yung matino ha?" 

I truly wish I am wrong with my deductions, but it's impossible to contend with my darker past. I was looking for redeeming qualities - even a little speck so that I maybe able to afford him my full trust. But in a world where everything seems so fleeting, I somehow figured his dubious intentions.

But I chose to believe in my partner's words; that people have interesting lives to tell when you treat them in a nice way.

And so I waited, until the reply came a few minutes ago.

pexer: may cp # kb?? and fb if its okay?

me: no.

It would have been easier if he was direct to the point; that he needs to romp up his contacts to keep the moolah flowing. And maybe with the right approach, he could have touch-based with some of my friends who are fond of masseurs. But of all the things a person would ask, what despises me most is for someone to offer his friendship only to ask your Facebook and mobile number in return.

Putanginang kababawan yan.

I could not help but lament at how some of us had devolved. Like they see us  as a piece of furniture that could be summed up with a phone number and a Facebook profile. Blame our technology for it, and so is our growing laziness. Even during my rebellious days, I did afford strangers a semblance of humanity.

A tiny effort to know them better.

I hope I was wrong in putting up this blog entry. In fact, I'm hearing voices telling me that shouldn't have wasted my time with this guy. I've nailed my point anyway. But if there is no one to question our values; no one to speak in behalf of those who are struggling to preserve what little self-respect they have left,

How do we find acceptance when all we do is to make a mess out of ourselves?