For those of you who have been following this blog from the beginning, you know that it was once an HTML site with the URL Well, it got to be too much of a hassle for me to keep up with the HTML of my blog/website because, guess what; i am no computer programmer. I switched to Blogger a little while ago and in the transition i eliminated some of the post from my old blog. That being said, this is a post i did not intend to delete. Its of the first casting for the upcoming show. All of the models wore one of two sample dresses because i wanted to make sure that the girls could fit in our predetermined prototypes/samples sizes for runway.

FEATURE: EXAMINER.COM'S ARTICLE ON ME wrote this article about my last collection and i never got to share it with anyone because back then i hadn't started my blog... I hope you enjoy!

check out the real article by clicking on the link below


I'm ready to call our sponsoring Agency (Factor Models), because I'm ready for the first model casting call... so exciting!:)


The WHOLE in the wall.




Hello Everyone,
So, I've been looking for a venue for the show, talking and meeting with potential sponsors, Marketing and getting the right people in the room. I'm in my in-between period. I got a little tired of working and really got the urge to shop. Seeing as I lack the economical backing to support this urge, i decided to go window shopping! Just as good, right? WRONG, but i did have fun dreaming of all the pretty things that i could own if i held my wallet a little less tightly.

oh... yeah... went to a concert with my bf on a weeknight, it was literally a whole in the wall.


Here is the video of me picking the WINNER of the FREE DRESS!

If you can not see the video for what-ever reason, the WINNERS are..................
Cynthia Coulange 

& I decided to give two dresses away, the winner of the second dress is............... 
Jessica Wu

Congradulations! :)

This Video is of the BLOOPERS.. haha funny!

Thanks to everyone for entering, there will be more giveaways in the near future. Be sure to enter in for the chance to WIN!


I apologize for the completely random image below, these gold shoes are the newest addition to my personal collection. FYI : I'm starting a shoe collection.. haha.. i know i will go broke because of it too.

I went thrift shopping with my BF a while back, and found these wonderful sundresses. I chopped the long skirts to much shorter lengths, hems them, and there you have it, beautiful little dresses just in time for the spring!

Oh.... and don't forget to enter in the FREE DRESS drawing. Today is the last day. I announce the winner tomorrow!



Little black dress

A-symmetrical hemline

silk taffeta neckline

I've decided to give away a dress that I've designed. It's not a part of any collection, I just find myself making it in every color because i love the way it falls on the body and it's minimalistic qualities. It is a seamless little black dress.  Who ever the lucky winner is will have it designed for them, in their size. You will receive it in the mail free of charge.


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EXAMINER.COM'S ARTICLE ON ME. wrote an article on me and a little about my company/brand. Check out the actual article on News-Examiner~y2010m3d31-The-Newcomer


Joe and I decided on Friday that Saturday morning we were going to go to Savannah on a weekend trip. We were taking a break from our sewing machines and computers.
Had to hitch a ride on the back of a Pick-Up Truck.
Just joking, but it was fun to pretend.

Practicing my drawings in the Car. 

Finally arrived at Savannah, 4 and 1/2 hours latter, here we are on River St.

A short cruise we plan take on our next trip. 

My Outfit!

Before we left to go home, Joe wanted to visit this memorial that he saw on our last visit. It was a little scary, considering that it was a Black Holocaust memorial. We walked up to it and started taking photos. We didn't realize that the artist was near by. He seam a little tensed about us being there at first but once we talked to him it wasn't so bad. He was really quite sweet.

Here with me, is the artist: His name is James. I can't believe how well it went, considering Joe and I are a mixed couple. Just goes to show that people are not what they seem to be all of the time.


(above) Madlin
(Below) Samia

Robert Ector shot these images of some of my designs from the spring 2010 collection. Styling: Leah Taylor, Models: Madlin Cowart (Click Atlanta Models), & Samia Makoi(Ques One Talent Inc.). Hair: Val Hamilton, MUA: Latasha Wright