Campaign Images for NEXT Collection!

Photographer Laretta Houston shot this season's campaign. The location was "The Goat Farm" which was the venue for my last show. I love that place, the scene just evokes such an emotion. The team's participants were Val Hamilton (hair), Alexandra Feltovic (Elite Models), Photographer Laretta Houston with her two assistants,and Mara Zal (MUA). Hope you like!


Saturday, March 13th was a good out on the town day. My beau and I had a meeting at 1:30 with Stan Mukoru, we were only suppose to be there 30 minutes, it lasted two hours. We meet his fiancé Jenika Thomas; they were both very inspiring people. From there, Joe wanted to go to a record store called criminal records on Mclendon Avenue. I must say that i felt dragged along, until I saw the cutest little boutique right next door. Kelly's Closet. I went into the record store with Joe and quickly found a classic DIANA ROSS record Ross's first solo LP, Diana Ross, featured her first solo number-one hit, "Ain't No Mountain High Enough". Almost as soon as I found it I gave it to him and left the store to go check out that boutique that I saw on the way into criminal records.
Adorable was the word, very southern too, yet, no cheep "made in china" tags here, and no signs announcing "under a hundred dollar sale prices" either. I even caught myself thinking of how my collection would look in this place. Quite nice, I thought. There was a pizza place across the street, Fellini’s Pizza, so after i dragged Joe in to look at the boutique, we headed over to the pizza place. Once we came in, ordered our pizza, and sat down I noticed the cutest dressed waitress that I've ever seen. Her frock was loss fitting yet it hugged her waist. Very classic Greek, I loved it. I asked where she got it and get this, she told me that she loved thrift shopping and that she found it in one. COOL huh. I was liking that little area more and more. We left after we devoured our pizzas. It was around 6pm, so Joe decided that we would head over to little five points; which is Atlanta’s trendiest little shopping area outside of downtown. We walked into a bookstore, not many books on fashion or style for that matter so I didn't purchase anything. Latter he went to another record store, so I then decided, around 8 o'clock, that we were going to a thrift store. All in all it was really a fun filled day.

The record I found. Joe ended up buying it for $1.00. I think he thinks that it belongs to him now.

Our waitress, I think she looks very chic and very comfortable at the same time. My kinda girl.

Me in the bookstore, I could not find one interesting book on the subjects of fashion or style.


Today I've decided that I should highlight the people who are helping me get to where I need to be. I'll try to highlight a new person every week. These people are dependable, honest, and damn good at their crafts. These are the people that I will call when I really need help, a favor, a friend, a different opinion, advice or support. I know that they will always come through. As I will for them. This week I've chosen to honor Ms. Lindsey Low and Ms. Alex Feltovic.

Lindsay and I met a few years ago; she was 16 and I was around 19. I was presenting my first collection show at a college in Kennesaw Ga. At the time Lindsay was not signed to an agency, we've been working together ever since. I admire her loyalty, beauty, friendliness, and (how shall I say) her ability to express herself. There will always be a spot on my runway my buddy Lindsay.

Alex and I meet recently, yet I am finding that she is as dependable and a much a kindred spirit as Lindsay. She's a sweet girl and I like sweet girls because I still consider myself one as well. She is still in high school and her mother (a very sweet women) brings her to every appointment; much like when I first met Lindsay. I admire her poise, beauty, sweetness, and confidence. I know we have a long road ahead together. Alex is signed with Factor models, which is the agency that is sponsoring my next show.



Lindsay (left) walking in my last show & Alex (right) in the current campaign for my SS/2011 show.


In the excitement of the upcoming collection show, i have created a collage of all the exciting things of the previous one. Today's date marks five months before the SS/2011 collection Show.
Laretta Houston shot this image of my dress a while ago. She saw it at the spring summer show and asked to photograph it. I must say, this image is very striking.

was invited by the director of Atlanta Fashion Incubator to attend the style wars competition as her VIP guest. I didn't stay too long because my finals were the same week, yet I did find time to mingle, it was a lot of fun.

My date was my good photographer friend Michael Fulton

My dress: Vintage, Belt: Barrowed from Leah for a shoot that same week. 

Dior architectural heels and a vintage sequence dress was my outfit of choice.


I really do love going to thrift stores. I find the most interesting vintage garments, most of which are designer.

That was soo tacky, haha, why did i even pick it up?

SOLD: Ralph Lauren metallic coated Sweater 

Found this dress, but ended up not getting it.


Leah Taylor and Robert Ector are a great team! I really loved working with them on my look-book a few weeks ago. Leah is a local celebrity stylist and her brother Robert is one of Atlanta's best celebrity photographers. This was our first collaboration and I’m sure that there will be plenty more.

Hair: Val Hamilton, Models Madlin Cowart and Chris Howard both with CLICK

Madlin in the Make-up chair getting all dolled up

VAl is the Best, I love everything that she does. Look at those curls!

And were done, isn't she a beauty

Chris' Turn. He looks so 1950's

Leah, doing what she does best . I wish I had her closet..
Me in a beaded, silk and embroidered cardigan that I found on Leah’s Rack, you better believe I had to wear it. She also let me barrow it for a week.

Chris and i before he got in front of the camera.



Click Atlanta's booker Julie, with the models after the show

Julie again, with most of the crew

The girls

A camera-shy ME, with Mom and boyfriend


So everything turns out OK; I get back to the venue from finishing the construction on a garment, and the well-oiled machine that is my show has been running quite well in my absence. The crowd is seated and anxiously waiting for the show to begin. Someone tells me that the Mayor is looking at the time on her Blackberry. I quiet everyone backstage and make sure all the models are in line correctly. Everything is on point, so we started the music, and THEY'RE OFF.

Photo credits: Jim Judd 


All of the models are dressed, the MUAs are putting the finishing touches on the models' faces, and the hair stylists are perfecting the hair. Photographers are snapping shots, I am putting the final touches on garments and the jewelry designer is putting the final pieces on the models. The crowd starts to settle down and I think we're ready.

Photo credits: Recho Omondi 

The final hair and make-up is PERFECT




Everyone is busy "getting ready," and it almost seems like I have delegated all the responsibility to everyone other than myself. I'm watching as the show is being put together and it's running like a well oiled sewing machine. Very exciting stuff! All of the models are in their pin curls, and enjoying the cameras. Everything is going just fine until I realize that one of the key garments is not there and another is incomplete. My boyfriend’s dad gives me a ride back to my Juki, and I began to sew. It's now 8 o'clock. The invitations read 8 for an 8:30 start. WOW!

Photographer: Aaron Smith

Click Models

Susan Muscari - Estee Lauder make-up artist

Val Hamilton - making sure that the hair is PERFECT

The Line